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Brief introduction of LED candle


    Brief introduction of LED candle

    May 4,2017

    Brief introduction of LED candle

    LED candle, also called electronic candle or flameless candle, is becoming increasingly commonplace.

    what is electronic candle ? 

    .LED candle is made of paraffin wax and plastic battery compartment. LED candle is designed to look like real burning candle with wax coated and flicker to simulate a real flame. LED candle use LED as light source and battery as power source.

    what is the difference between electronic  candle and traditional candle?

    LED candle are safer and more durable than traditional candle. You will feel at ease even if with children or pet in the house when you choose  LED candle. With traditional candle , we may worry about  hot liquid wax spill out to destroy the table, the black smoke stain walls or ceilings or even if cause a fire. But when we choose LED candles , we never worry about all the terrible situations above. 

     who needs electronic candles?

    LED candle flickers like a real candle which will always help us to  relieve the mood   . When we take a bath or enjoy a SPA treamtment , LED candle may creat a more relax atmosphere.

    LED candle is  a prefect choice to  decorate  the house , restaurant , bar ,wedding and various parties.

    LED candle is also a good present.