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How to operate LED candle with timer function

How to operate LED candle with timer function

Update Time:2017/7/18

How to operate LED candle with timer function

With "ON/OFF/TIMER"  switch located on the bottom of the candle.

When you turn the "ON" button , the candle will light continuously.

Then you can turn the "TIMER" button , and the 6-hour function will set. It will turn off after 6 hours and turn on again on the next day ,the same time.

If you turn the "OFF " button, the candle will be switch off.

If you have a remote-controller like this .

You need to physically turn the " ON/OFF " button switch to  "ON"  first. Then with the remote ,click on the 8-hour function . The candles should blink to indicate that the timer is set. Then the 8-hour timer will be activated , it will turn off after 8 hours and will turn back on same time the next following day.


Install batteries as indicated by the (+/-) polarity signs.

Remove batteries which will not been used for an extended period of time.

Never use different types of batteries.

Never recharge non-rechargeable batteries.

Never dispose the batteries in a fire.

These actions may cause the batteries to explode.

Do not throw away batteries , dispose of as small chemical waste.