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How to operate LED candle


    How to operate LED candle

    Update Time:2017/7/10

    How to use LED candle?

    Inserting the batteries

    1.Open the battery compartment by pressing the lid lightly at the spot marked in order to release the catch.Then lift the cover.

    2.Install batteries into the battery compartment. Make sure that the polarities (+/-)of the batteries are inserted correctly .

    3.Push the lid over the battery pocket until it snapes into place.


    1.To switch on the light, move the ON/OFF button next to the batteries into the "ON" positon . The light will then shine.

    2.To switch off the light, turn the same switch to "OFF".

    Important safety precautions

    1. This is a decorative product and is not a toy for children.

    2.Do not operate near gas or electric heaters , open fires .

    3.Do not mix old and new or different types of batteries.

    4.Ensure batteries are inserted in the correct polarity.

    5. If the lights will not be in use for seven days or longer it is best to remove the batteries.